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Quilts and Kits to Communities in Kenya

03:46 Sep 22 2014 Tana River area, Kenya

The Tana River area in Southeast Kenya has been marred with violent clashes between the Pokomo farmers and the Wardei pastoralists over the rights to the river and water. The conflicts resulted in displacement of households, destruction of properties and loss of life and livelihood. As the area began to recover from the clashes, torrential rains to the north caused the Tana River to overflow its banks. Severe flooding followed around the river at the lower flat land of Garseni, which destroyed food crops, animals, houses, infrastructure and claimed several lives.

Mission Quilts and Kits will alleviate some of the immediate and intermediate needs of the people recovering from the clashes and the flooding.

Partner name: Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC)

Estimated number of recipients: 10,451

Departure date: July 25, 2013
Distribution dates: December 28-31, 2013

Latest: Distribution complete. Final report received. Project closed.


Karembo Mapenzi, a widow with 8 children, speaking about school kits: "The school kits are like a gift from God, now that I have been relieved of a burden of buying exercise books for my primary school children."
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