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Quilts and Kits to Super Typhoon Haiyan Affected Communities

13:26 Jan 20 2015 Eastern Visayas, Philippines

In the morning on November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines, which made it one of the most powerful storms to do so. It made landfall near Leyte Province in the Eastern Visayas region and caused massive destruction and loss of life. Local officials have estimated that loss of life could reach 10,000 people with an estimated 13.2 million affected by the typhoon.

Currently Lutheran World Relief is coordinating with local partners, international agencies and the United Nations to provide support, which includes clean water, debris removal through a cash-for-work program, shelter, Quilts and personal hygiene items.

As an immediate response, LWR will send 4 containers of Quilts, Personal Care Kits, Baby Care Kits and School Kits.

Estimated number of recipients: 16,729

Partner Name: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc

Departure date: January 14, 2014
Distribution dates: March 14-21, 2014

Latest: Distribution is complete!
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Rich Mathes (Jun 24 2014)
Are there more links that should/could be included? I realize that there are videos that directly tie to Haiyan - but others may not. What "more details" are there for "check back later for more details" ? And I assume "estimated departure date" was 1/23 or so? That was when our quilts were reportedly shipped. Thank you
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