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Quilts and Kits for Vulnerable Populations in Tanzania

14:43 Sep 19 2013 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Even though Tanzania is located near the equator, there is a significant temperature drop at night. The colder temperatures further put vulnerable populations, such as persons with disabilities and the elderly, at risk. The goal of the project was also centered on providing persons facing poverty the ability to access material resources to help reduce poverty.

Mission Quilts will be distributed to the elderly, persons with disabilities and persons facing poverty.

Partner Name: Christian Council of Tanzania-WAMA (CCT-WAMA)

Estimated Number of Recipients: 100,000

Shipment 1
Departure Date: August 28, 2013
Estimated Arrival Date:

Shipment 2
Departure Date: September 19,2013
Estimate Arrival Date:

Latest: Materials en route. Check back later for more details.
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