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School Kits and Personal Care Kits Help Students Learn in Haiti

13:34 Sep 22 2014 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Even before the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, with 80% of its population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty. The earthquake is estimated to have caused $7.8 billion in damages, and despite international pledges for reconstruction, rebuilding has proceeded slowly.

School Kits and Personal Care Kits will be distributed to impoverished Haitian families. Many beneficiary students come from families who struggle to afford one meal per day, and these donated resources will support their health and education.

Partner: Center for Education for All (CET)

Estimated number of recipients: 16,000

Departure date: November 21, 2012
Arrival date: December 20, 2012

Latest: Materials arrived in port, have been taken off ship, and are waiting to be cleared through customs. Preparations for distributions have begun. Check back for more information.
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