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Kits to Improve Health for Families in Yemen

11:16 Dec 17 2012 Hodeidah, Yemen

International Relief and Development (IRD) has found in its work around the world that the provision of School Kits can lend strong support to hygiene education activities in schools. Kits provide the tools to make hygiene education more child-friendly, participatory, and interactive, building better relationships with children and reinforcing schools' health messages. School Kit materials allow children to create good behavior posters, to map their schools and communities to identify safe and unsafe water sources, to create masks and props for theater performances showing the transmission of disease, and more.

School Kits will be distributed to 16 schools in around around the Hodeidah Governorate in Yemen. Personal Care Kits and Baby Care Kits will also be distributed to support family hygiene needs. These supplies are desperately needed in this impoverished area.

Partner: International Relief and Development (IRD)

Estimated number of recipients: 6,500

Departure date: November 1, 2012

Latest: Preparations for distributions ongoing; distributions expected to last through the end of May 2013. Check back for more!
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