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Warmth and Comfort for Burmese Refugees in Thailand

11:35 Sep 23 2014 Bangkok, Thailand

Burmese refugees living in camps along the Thai-Burma border will receive Quilts and Baby Care Kits to keep them warm and healthy. The refugee camps are located in the mountainous regions in the northwest of Thailand, and temperatures get very low, so warm Quilts are extremely important.

97 percent of beneficiaries will be Burmese refugees and 3 percent will be Thai villagers affected by the influx of Burmese refugees. This distribution to Thai villagers helps folks in need and maintains good relations between the refugees and Thai villagers.

Partner: Thailand Burma Border Consortium (TBBC)

Total number of recipients: 130,000

Departure: September 14, 2012
Arrival: October 25, 2012
Distribution: November 18 - December 4, 2012

Latest: Distribution Complete! Final Report has been received. Project Closed.
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