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Comfort and Hope for Impoverished Families in Cambodia

15:40 Oct 24 2012 Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

In Boribor district in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia, around 40% of the population is estimated to live below the poverty level and over 90% are engaged in subsistence agriculture. For the six months after the harvest, many villagers are unemployed and struggle to obtain basic resources for their families.

Quilts and Kits will be distributed especially to the most vulnerable of this group: pregnant women, young children, and the elderly. School Kits will give the children of impoverished families access to the materials they need to continue their education, and Baby Care Kits will give the health center tools to create better hygiene practices among new mothers. Quilts will keep people warm and lessen their chances of getting sick in the cold season.

Partner: International Relief and Development (IRD)

Estimated number of recipients: 45,686

Departure: April 17, 2012
Arrival: June 13, 2012
Date distribution ended: May 10th, 2013

Latest: Materials arrived. Distributions are complete!


1: Mrs. Leang Sothy is a villager in Plov Kou village, Banteay Preal commune, she has 2 children. She told us she received a quilt in November 2012 when she joined a group meeting. She and her family are very happy to receive the blanket for protection against cold weather.

2:Mrs. Saksok Eang is a villager in Deum Chey village, Khon Rong commune. She has 4 children, and told us that the soap was a very good quality. Saksok and her family was happy that they could have access to soap for hand-washing and body cleansing.
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